Project to plant trees and improve communities 

We want to plant native trees and thus make a positive impact on the environment while engaging the local community, the private sector, and public administrations. Trees bring life and INGA bring trees!

Trees of Life
Trees of Life

SDG Goal 13
SDG Goal 13

SDG Goal 17
SDG Goal 17

Trees of Life
Trees of Life


Objective: To start a movement

The objective of the project is to plant around 1000 trees as a baseline for native forest, and in that way restore terrestrial ecosystems and contribute to biodiversity (SDG 15), climate change mitigation and adaptation (SDG 13), protection of waterways (SDG 14), mitigation of soil erosion and enhancing soil quality (SDG 15). The grown forest will also contribute to the local community's physical and mental well-being, providing a place for outdoor activities.

Why we do this

Trees are a known tool to combat climate change. They contribute to building up soil carbon, which mitigates erosion and enhances the water retention capacity of the soil, reducing the risk of flooding. Forest also helps in the process of water purification and to mitigate fertilizer and pesticide leaching into waterways, which is one of the most significant environmental issues in Denmark.

Method: Participatory synergy

We aim to include all three main sectors of society:¨Local communities as donors of trees, and/or volunteers during the planting process. The private sector as partners within specific projects but also as donors, volunteers, and, if it is the case, as landowners. And local government as political support.

As always INGA works co-creatively and with a vision to include different backgrounds in problem development and solution. Any tree planting will start by involving the opinions and ideas of affected communities. 

We have a dedicated team of skilled researchers ready to lead volunteers in our efforts to reach a thousand trees. Moreover, we aim to develop best-practice models that may facilitate growth in other locations. 






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We are continuous looking for partners.


REACH OUT if you or your organization wants to learn how trees may create an impact for you and your community..