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Aalborg Municipality's project - INGA

The 12week INGA program started in September 2017, where seven students were selected from different disciplines and nationalities in Aalborg, Denmark. The project focused on finding ways to make an impact by increasing awareness and engagement of the citizens through the sustainability campaign of Aalborg Municipality called, Gør os alle grønnere (Make us all greener). This resulted in eight recommendations on how the Municipality could accelerate and enhance their current plans and efforts to green transition. 

- Download the project report here -

Duration: September 2017 - December 2017

INGA 1.0 members: Mikkel, Dominik, Tatiana, Kat, Dragana, Nana and Soo

Project facilitators: Daniella and Tim (Anders and Zacharias from Aalborg Municipality)

Photo: Aalborg Kommune

21-day challenge : Changing behaviours

The team of INGA 2.0 grew with four new members and continued to respond to the green city campaign by reflecting on the impact of individual sustainable behaviour. The 21-day challenge was to set an example for the citizens of Aalborg by changing our current habits to be more sustainable with regards to food consumption and waste management. The project aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practice by practising what we preach for 21 days and report on its impacts. INGA members faced many challenges, but all reported positive environmental impacts in their lives and influenced others. 

- Download the project report here - 21 day challenge diaries here -

Duration: February 2018 - June 2018

INGA 2.0 members: Daniella, Andrea, Kat, Soo, Dominic, Nana, Tatiana, Anders and Michelle 

Project facilitator: Kat 

Photo: Soren Wurtz

Sustainability Festival in Aalborg 2018

In 2018, INGA was offered to have a spot in the opening day at the annual Sustainability Festival in Aalborg. 
INGA organised an exciting event with 
Student Talks (student organisation arranging inspiring talks around the globe - think TedTalks for students - 15mins each) where INGA was presented as a project, followed by 4 other student speakers who were talking about their work in the field of sustainability. The event reached out to a large number of people by generating dialogues and discussions about the sustainability projects taking place within Aalborg and its surrounding areas. The success of the event was supported by the vegan-foodie (chef), Simone Jespersen who provided vegan specialities for all the participants.  

Date: September 8th 2018, 12:00 - 16:00 

INGA members involved: Kat, Mikkel, Dragana, Anders and Daniella

Guest speakers for Student Talks: Marie Hagstrup (AAU), Daniel Nielsen (UNYA), Kai Færch (Lyras)   

Vegan Menu for Wildebeest Gastropub

For INGA 2.0 graduation dinner, the project facilitator/manager, Kat took the initiative to introduce and co-create with the owners of the Wildebeest Gastropub in Aalborg, a brand new vegan menu. 

The three-course vegan menu was a success, as it showcased that delicious food does not necessarily have to be carbon-intensive. These delicious vegan recipes are shared for everyone to make themselves by clicking on the link below.

- Download the vegan menu/receipe here -

Date: 21 June 2018, 18:00

INGA members present: Daniella, Dragana, Dominic, Tatiana, Mikkel, Michelle, Anders, Soo, Nana & Andrea  

Project facilitator/initiator: Kat

SDGs in the house! - International House North Denmark

The team of INGA 3.0 was asked to address Internation House North Denmark's (IHND) desire to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to change the way IHND operates on a day to day basis. IHND hosts many other organizations such as Project 2030 and INGA, who partnered up to find ways to reduce the impact of IHND's activities, ranging from energy, water, waste and paper use. 

INGA helped create an app to track each organization's operational impact and develop a competition to promote sustainable behaviour within each organization. This project indicated the potential of utilizing apps to track operational impact and as a way to quantify some of the behaviours and activities of each organization. 

Duration: The month of March 2019

INGA 2.0 members: Daniella, Kat, Soo, Ricardo and Anders  

Project facilitator: Kat 

Zero-waste graduation with Aalborg University

Some of the INGA 3.0 members graduate from their Master courses in 2019 but wanted to reduce the impact of graduation ceremonies at Aalborg University. The ceremonies usually involved a lot of disposable and one-off plastic decorations. Therefore, INGA wanted to reduce waste as much as possible by reusing leftover paper from the architecture workshops in the CREATE building. Using origami as a way to decorate the ceremony, INGA and other student volunteers folded over a couple of hundred origami paper balls as decoration, paper flowers instead of real flowers, an app to get rid of paper programs and water jars to prevent the use of disposable plastic cups. The aim of this graduation ceremony was to raise awareness around the issue of waste.

Date: July 1st 2019, 10:00 - 12:00 

INGA members involved: Kat, Louise, Tatiana, Ricardo, Soo,  (and many other AAU students who helped fold origami balls)

Project facilitators/initiators: Kat and Louise   

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