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We assist our clients and partners with a collaborative consultation service in relation to their sustainability projects. We are a research-driven team with a specialization in sustainability from various disciplines. Our experience is in facilitation, workshops, public speaking, sustainable events and strategic thinking involving both public and private sector. 



We have various projects that we were involved in, ranging from collaboration with Student Talks at the annual Sustainability Festival in the city of Aalborg to assisting the Aalborg Municipality to develop an assessment and extension to their "Gør os alle grønnere" green city campaign.


In the past year, we have worked with the Center for Green Transition at Aalborg Municipality as our main clients. We collaborated with organisations such as the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA), Student Talks, Aalborg University and the Viborg Animation Festival. 

Finally, we have relocated our headquarters to be part of the International House of North Denmark.

INGA initially started in 2017 as an initiative from the Aalborg Municipality (Center for Green Transition) in Denmark to involve the international student community in the transition towards a greener city. Seven international and interdisciplinary students and graduates with various backgrounds, ages, disciplines and a passion for sustainability were chosen to be ambassadors and as Green Agents for Aalborg. INGA's focus was to facilitate, co-create, assist and contribute towards Aalborg Municipality's sustainability-awareness campaign, 'Gør os alle grønnere.' (Make us all greener).

Since then, INGA has further developed its network and welcomed new members to undertake more local initiatives and projects to proactively assist the city's pathway to green transition. For example, INGA has been involved in the annual Sustainability Festival in Aalborg to facilitating the Zero-waste graduation ceremony at Aalborg University. 

INGA's strong collaborative team that compromises of various individuals from academia with different expertise and knowledge base. Our core aim is to bridge the international community with the city's citizens, businesses and local governments in its goal to green transition. INGA achieves this through research-based solutions to mitigate sustainable challenges focussing on urban green transition, sustainable management and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to be working with you in the near future. 


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